Temporary Staff Management Software

ozola has been designed to specifically help HR or Recruitment Managers recruit, manage, schedule and pay temporary workers - whichever sector you work in.

Our flexible software allows you to manage your pool of workers by providing you with handy tools, reporting facilities and control features to ensure your staff are managed cost effectively. Best of all, ozola is completely web-based, meaning no complicated software installations and permanent accessibility anywhere and anytime, including on your mobile and tablet.


Save Time & Money

Save your organisation from the costly administrative burden of managing your temporary staff. Our fast, secure, easy-to-use system will leave your teams with more time to focus on more pressing matters, while your workers can maintain their own records and timesheets with ease.

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"ozola has made a big impact in our organisation! We use Ozola for the management of all our sessional staff for variable hours. The system processes the end to end transaction of sessional staff activity within the college from the point of recruiting, compliance, timesheets and payment. Having access to the system online from anywhere is particularly useful, and has made it easy for all our staff to keep track of costs and ensure people are getting paid correctly and on time. The CRM module is even more useful than we thought it would be and helps us to communicate with our candidates, tracking and recording all communication in one place."

- Barbara Booth, Recruitment Manager, FE Resources